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Greeley Dental Care COVID Protection Plan

Easing fears through educational messages regarding the precautions that the practice is taking to ensure droplet reduction, extended sanitation, and social distancing measures


Shield #1 – Responsible Social Distancing


We have implemented all necessary measures to ensure proper social distancing practice at all times. Our appointments are being scheduled with adequate spaces to ensure that the clinic is never crowded. When you arrive at our clinic please text us and wait in your car. Someone from our team will assist you straight to your chair. We assure you of minimum physical contact and no waiting when you come to us.


Shield #2 – Advanced Air Filtration


Our new advanced medical air purifiers ensure healthy air quality in our clinic. The new filtration system removes any contaminants from the air like dust, bacteria, viruses and others while you are in the chair. When you are in our clinic, we assure you that no contaminants will enter your body through the surrounding air.

Shield #3 – Superior Suction Equipment


We are well-equipped to keep you safe and control patient spray during dental exams. We promise you the highest levels of exam sanitation with our superior suction equipment. The new advanced equipment ensures droplet reduction, minimizing any risk of infection through droplets.

Shield #4 – Extended PPE Policies


We are committed to ensuring the safety of our patients as well as our team members. We conduct temperature checks for all our staff members. All our team members are required to wear a face mask at all times, ensuring patient and well as staff protection.

Shield #5 – Enhanced Sanitation Protocols


Our standards of sanitation include thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces every hour. We sanitize examination rooms after every patient check-up. Our team ensures every single item in our clinic and every corner of our office is sanitized – from pens to bathrooms. We leave no room for harmful infectants in our dental office.

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